25 January 2008

The sadness of a skirt.

I made a beautiful skirt. My very first try and it was beautiful.

I've recently been introduced to Soule Mama. She makes these amazing hats/clothes/decor for her family. My daughter recently discovered sewing and wanted to make herself some clothes. Between the two of them, they inspired me to want to make myself a skirt. Daughter and I went to the fabric store, found some patterns, found some fabric and came home.

I wanted my skirt to rest comfortably on my hips. I wanted it nice and loose. So, according to the pattern I needed to make a size 18!! I normally wear a 12 so this was a bit much for me to handle, but I figured, so be it. If that's what size the pattern says it must be, that's the size I will make it.

I followed the pattern METICULOUSLY. I transferred the pattern lines faithfully, I basted (Even though I had to look up what it meant and then found that I really didn't want to bother, but did it anyway.), everything. The pattern was really hard to understand at one point, but I thought I figured it out. Did you just notice that? I said "thought." That's important.

I thought I figured it out. After I got past the "point of no return," which I didn't know was there until I had passed it, I realized something important. It didn't fit. It was too small. What!? How could this be? I measured!!!

But alas, it was too small. If you notice on the picture, I didn't hem it. Didn't have the heart.

Very important lesson learned: Try it on early. Try it on often. If you do both of those, you'll find out before the "point of no return" and therefore be able to "return."

I'm guessing it's a size 8 or 10. I don't know what I did to drop it down five sizes, but I promise you this:


Do you know how much work that took?! It was almost six hours of my life! Six! And it's too small!! I made an 18 for goodness' sake! Aaaauguughh!

And that is the sadness of a skirt.


Megan Malone said...

Starve yourself for the betterment of the community. Trust me bolemia has come far from its beginnings as a "starvation" method.

I'm so kidding.
This is why I gave up on sewing cause the patters can be a bunch of s-h-i-t.

bethany said...

i think it is pretty. you'll wear it so soon...you know summertime always seems to be more active. Anyway it is very cute.

tricia said...

megan- i know, it's so dang frustrating.

bethany - thanks. winter is such a difficult time to be active. this was just he catalyst i needed to boost my bohunkus into action.

MamaP said...

it's sosoooo beautiful!

tricia said...

thanks, p. *heavy sigh*