25 January 2008

Happy Winter-een-mas!

Winter-een-mas is upon us! The brainchild of Tim Buckley, author of one of my favorite web-comics, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Winter-een-mas is a holiday celebrating video games. It is always the last week in January, the 25th through the 31st.

Tonight we're having a little party over at our house. Pizza (true gamer's food), our favorite sodas, Virgil's and Reed's Ginger Brew, cupcakes and lots of gaming will make up the evening. Dug is leaving for business on Sunday, so we are celebrating tonight and probably tomorrow too. Although officially it's tonight.

My brother got me Heavenly Sword for my birthday and I need to finish it. So that will be my main objective, although as a group I think we're going to take on Ultimate Alliance. Maybe see if there are some other multi-player co-op titles out there.

How can you celebrate? Why, play some video games, of course. All you need to do is get out your old Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox, Dreamcast, Computer, whatever gaming platform you have, shove in a game and play.

Happy Winter-een-mas to you all!


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

have a gud-un

tricia said...

thanks roy! good luck with charm school! :-)

tricia said...

i just checked your blog and the taxi driver etiquette school (whatever it was i can't remember)post isn't there anymore. so now i feel silly for the above comment...