26 January 2008

I owned Bohan!

Bohan had ravaged our land with his mark of corruption, but I beat his sorry bohunkus down. Oh yeah. Me, playing Nariko, and my heavenly sword dominated!

I haven't taken the time to finish a game since the good ol' days of Metroid and the old school NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). (Rock it, Samus!) But today, I'm glad to say I've ended that streak. I took Bohan down, possessed by his little Raven Lord and everything, which made the Raven Lord mad enough to peck his eyes out. Then I died.

But it was all worth it. I made it to the "end movie," which is the reason you play games anyway. And guess what? Right in the middle of it, when everyone is so sad because I sacrificed myself for my people, the phone rings. So what do I do? Ignore it. But my son can't, so he gets it and it's Dug, my hubby. So then hubby is mad because I'm not answering the phone, but he understands when I tell him why. But still, I don't fully get the "end movie" experience because my brain was divided.

Oh well. C'est la vie. After it was over I promptly threw my hands in the air shouting, "I'm the coolest girl in the whole wide world!" Which, of course, everyone ignored, but I don't care, because why? Because...


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