27 April 2009

I'm a sucker for a good desktop

Found a couple wallpaper sites that aren't cheesy and filled with ads.

Pixelgirl Presents has so many it could take you hours to look at them all. They are all over the board as far as theme goes, but I would find it hard to believe there's not something for everyone.

Kindred doesn't have nearly as many, but they are beautiful and are done by "real" artists.

Have fun looking!

25 April 2009

"It's a girl" thoughts.

So I had a baby. It's still a little hard to believe. In my brain, I only think I have four kids, even though my headcounts always number five now. You'd think since the little bundle of sweetness is three weeks old I'd be somewhat accustomed to it. Wouldn't ya? Surprise! I'm not.

I know it's only one kid, but five children to me is a big family. Four, now that's "normal." But five? Five is pushing the envelope. We've just moved beyond. When we had our little redhead, Dug and I found ourselves outnumbered, three to two. When Tank joined us, bumping the total to four, we had one knee for each kid to sit on, one hand to hold each littler one. Five is more than we are physically able to hold on to. We have to let the oldest hand go in order to keep the tiniest one in our grasp. For us that's not too difficult, Dodge is nine now. But it's a new thing. It's a big change. It's beyond.

But of course, I can't imagine life without her. How did we possibly think our family was finished with four? She is the perfect addition. My little dark-haired beauty. Thank you, God, for not letting me have my own way on this one...