A Random List of Tricia Trivia:
  1. I was born in 1976, the bicentennial year of the good ol' US of A.
  2. On my 13th birthday it was Friday the 13th.
  3. I was married to my best friend, Dug, when I was twenty during the summer break between my junior and senior year of college.
  4. In said wedding, we walked in to Princess Bride and out to Star Wars. (That says more than anything else so far, don't you think?)
  5. I studied Atmospheric Science.
  6. No, I don't want to be a weather girl on TV.
  7. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I've always wanted to be one.
  8. I had my first baby when I was two weeks shy of my 22nd birthday.
  9. I have four kids: boy, girl, girl, boy. The oldest is five years older than the youngest. Update: I now have five kids, last one is a girl and she is four and a half years younger than the previous youngest.
  10. Yes, I am busy.
  11. Yes, I know how babies are made. (That wasn't funny the first time I heard it, either.)
  12. My house-cleaning style tends to be: Some event makes a mess at our house (sickness, party, guests, etc) and I don't want to clean it because I'm tired, sick, etc. I don't clean it, I don't clean it, I don't clean it, I'm so sick of the mess that I go on a 8-hr cleaning rampage (that word was suggested by my knowing son) in which I burn myself out and don't clean for a week...
  13. I'm a rule-follower, manual-reader that hates to follow the crowd. (Yeah, I know, it doesn't make sense.)
  14. I love gaming (computer or consoles). I'm not hard-core because I have too many other things that interest me as well, but when I'm playing a game, it's not for a few minutes.
  15. I love crocheting but like all things with me, I tend to immerse myself and then drop it for a spell.
  16. I'm all about efficiency, except when I'm not.
  17. My husband says that the words that describe me best are: gregarious, devoted, creative and stubborn.
  18. My longest-standing hobby is definitely reading. I can't remember not loving books. Other things come and go, but reading is part of me.
  19. I love sports. Especially, volleyball, swimming, basketball, ultimate, bicycling and running. (Although my ankle is screwed up and I can't go running anymore. *heavy sigh*)
  20. I'm deeply interested in nutrition. Specifically: What diet did God have in mind when He created us yet knew we would have to leave the Garden?
  21. I try to treat our medical issues as naturally as possible, avoiding antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I try all sorts of remedies. Some work, some don't.
  22. My battle against pink eye with my children didn't work.
  23. I got pink eye.
  24. I love to cook!
  25. I didn't know how to cook prior to marriage. All I had was the gift Aunt Sharon gave us, Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.
  26. For the first five years of my marriage I didn't make a single meal twice.
  27. I'm fascinated by trivia and love to share it.
  28. I'm captivated by Ireland but have never been there. One day...
  29. Yes, I have some Irish in my blood, but 99% of the US has some Irish in their blood. (How else would so many qualify for all those "Kiss Me I'm Irish" buttons around St. Patrick's Day?)
  30. My favorite food is Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and my favorite food ethnicity is a tie between Indian and Thai.
  31. I stole a Queen Anne Cordial Cherry candy when I was little and ate it behind the store's gumball machines.
  32. My mom found me and made me apologize to the manager.
  33. I have a hard time going to bed at night. It's a self-discipline thing.
  34. I think when God was passing out self-discipline I was trying real hard to get there but had so much other stuff to do that I missed the handout..
  35. I'm very in-the-moment and have a hard time remembering there is a Big Picture, let alone trying to glimpse it.
  36. I still have dreams where I'm late for my class at high school but either can't remember the combo for my lock or I can't remember what my schedule is.
  37. Sometimes I'm also naked in them.
  38. For some reason my nudity is not a big deal to anyone else in the dream.
  39. I have a mole on my left pinky toe.
  40. My brother and I have matching birthmarks on our lower backs.
  41. We are twenty three and a half months apart.
  42. I'm older.
  43. When I find out that everyone loves X, I don't like X any more. (People excluded unless they're celebrities.)
  44. I love ballroom dancing, especially Latin.
  45. I want to live on a sailboat someday.
  46. I get seasick.
  47. I want to travel the world.
  48. I love being in front of a crowd.
  49. I'm terribly insecure mingling in them.
  50. I'm apispheksophobic. (afraid of bees and wasps)
  51. Once, there were somewhere between 6 and 10 bees in our office and I was unable to crawl out from under the desk because I was crying and immobilized with fear.
  52. My favorite beverage is San Pellegrino sparkling water.
  53. I don't like alcohol. It tastes yucky.
  54. I've been nicknamed Hannibal Smith, Hello Kitty, T-bone, T Dawg, Tish-boom, Tedious, Kamikaze Smith, and Trishica.
  55. I can't watch scary movies because of the visual that will inevitably be stuck in my head.
  56. I still get really bad nightmares.
  57. I can read scary books. They don't affect me.
  58. My biggest pet peeve is when people say, "I can't do that," even though they have never tried it.
  59. One of my most favorite places to be is a library. All that knowledge...
  60. I love malls during the Christmas season. I love the atmosphere.
  61. I hate malls the weekend before Christmas. I hate the atmosphere.
  62. I prefer caramel over chocolate. (Not "poured on", but "instead of")
  63. Vanilla bean is my favorite ice cream, closely followed by Baskin-Robbins Nutty Coconut and Haagen Dazs Pineapple Coconut.
  64. I feel a million times prettier if I just put mascara on.
  65. Right now I love red and orange, but my good ol' standby is green.
  66. I've always wanted to live in a tree house like Swiss Family Robinson.
  67. We are techno-buffs.
  68. I would rather lay on the floor in a beam of sunshine than rest on a cushy couch in the shade.
  69. I'm a sucker for movies made from graphic novels and epic stories.
  70. I hated playing house growing up. I'd rather play army.
  71. I'm a geek. I love math and science and Star Wars (but not Star Trek, I like it, just don't love it.) and anytime I have a question about anything, I look it up. (either internet or encyclopedia)
  72. No matter how hard I try to grow my hair out, it gets shorter and shorter.
  73. When I eat a burrito, I first open it up like a science-class dissection and eat the insides. Then I add hot sauce to the empty tortilla and savor the spicy sogginess.
  74. I think if my life had a mascot it would be a ninja.
And that's enough, don't you think? Congratulations are in order if you read the whole thing. Or maybe an "I Made It Through Tricia's About Me Page and Survived" t-shirt. Either way. You reached


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