13 September 2008

maybe texas likes us after all...

Okay. I know it is a bit premature to expect Texas to develop any sort of feelings toward us, but I think after the multiple pre-dawn wake-up calls, things are turning around. Granted we haven't even left Oregon yet, but I have a super-bright spot of smiley happiness...

Hurricane Ike, which only last night passed directly over our brand new (to us), just closed Texas property, had us checking weather.com every free moment possible. Our friends that live in our same subdivision just reported to us that every property had fallen trees...except ours!! Can you believe it? Our hibiscus was in bad shape and a few shrubs looked like they saw the bad side of a drunk Mike Tyson, but no significant damage otherwise. Praise God!!

And that's that. Thought you'd like to know. Back to packing and painting...

10 September 2008

it gets worse

The Texans are against me.

Dug had to take a 6am conference call. (One of the reasons we're moving two time zones away.) It woke me up and I was just getting back to sleep when my cell rang. It was Texas. It was 6:15am. My water utility was calling:

Chipper Texas Utility Woman: Good morning, ma'am! May I speak to Tricia or Douglas?

Me: Huh? This is Tricia.

CTUW: Umm, did I call too early ma'am?

Me: Well, I am in Oregon and it is two hours difference. (in my head: Even if it wasn't a time change, don't you think 8:15 is a leeetle early to make business calls?)

CTUW: Oh, I didn't know. Yep, here it is on your application: Current residence: Oregon. Woops! Would you like me to call back later, ma'am?

Me: I'm up, might as well get it over with.

CTUW: Well, alrighty then! We received you're application, I just need your credit card information for the $125 deposit...

Me: Wait a sec. I've got to go find my wallet. (in my head: What the crap?! You call at 6am to take my money from me? Is this what I have to look forward to? Smiling to my face while you pick my pocket? Wait, why did I walk into the kitchen? Oh yeah, my wallet...)

More barely coherent jibberish from me, more very chipper, smiley "ma'ams" from her...


Since I was up in the ungodly six o'clock hour I decided to dye my hair (I did a really messy job and I might have strangely, mottled-color skin for a few days.) and jot this quick note on The Pursuit.

Oh yeah! We close on our beautiful Texas house today! Hooray! And I *get* to paint the kids' room today! Hooray?!