10 September 2008

it gets worse

The Texans are against me.

Dug had to take a 6am conference call. (One of the reasons we're moving two time zones away.) It woke me up and I was just getting back to sleep when my cell rang. It was Texas. It was 6:15am. My water utility was calling:

Chipper Texas Utility Woman: Good morning, ma'am! May I speak to Tricia or Douglas?

Me: Huh? This is Tricia.

CTUW: Umm, did I call too early ma'am?

Me: Well, I am in Oregon and it is two hours difference. (in my head: Even if it wasn't a time change, don't you think 8:15 is a leeetle early to make business calls?)

CTUW: Oh, I didn't know. Yep, here it is on your application: Current residence: Oregon. Woops! Would you like me to call back later, ma'am?

Me: I'm up, might as well get it over with.

CTUW: Well, alrighty then! We received you're application, I just need your credit card information for the $125 deposit...

Me: Wait a sec. I've got to go find my wallet. (in my head: What the crap?! You call at 6am to take my money from me? Is this what I have to look forward to? Smiling to my face while you pick my pocket? Wait, why did I walk into the kitchen? Oh yeah, my wallet...)

More barely coherent jibberish from me, more very chipper, smiley "ma'ams" from her...


Since I was up in the ungodly six o'clock hour I decided to dye my hair (I did a really messy job and I might have strangely, mottled-color skin for a few days.) and jot this quick note on The Pursuit.

Oh yeah! We close on our beautiful Texas house today! Hooray! And I *get* to paint the kids' room today! Hooray?!

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