17 March 2009


I need to post something. This site is my home page so I look at it every time I start Firefox. It fills me with guilt and frustration every time I see its ancient last posting. I'm in the last three weeks of my pregnancy and I'm just too tired to do it. I have so many other things to do and this gets dropped by the wayside. Since I've joined facebook, I keep up with my friends through that. Easier and quicker than posting blogs. But much more shallow and I don't get to really write. My blog is something I really love, but at this point I can't fit it in. Priorities are keeping the house in working order, homeschooling, and cooking. The cooking doesn't sound too hard, except that I feel compelled to cook everything from scratch, for health's sake, and that takes time. Everything else (crochet, reading, checking email and facebook, etc) are things that I can fit into little time slots. Blogging, because I'm a perfectionist and I edit and re-edit, takes an hour or two per good post. (not crappy spur-of-the-moment-no-pictures ones like this) It's just not a priority.

This post isn't an explanation or even an excuse. It's a thinking-through-typing exercise. I'm re-evaluating, I guess. What's important? What has enough value in it that I allot some of my precious and very limited time for? Some decisions I make without really thinking it through. (like watching stupid 80's videos for an hour) And when I'm done I usually feel horrible for doing it.

That's all for now. I'm tired and I need, really need, to go to bed early tonight. I probably shouldn't post something that I just typed without forethought in this sleepy state, but oh well...here goes...*click*