17 March 2009


I need to post something. This site is my home page so I look at it every time I start Firefox. It fills me with guilt and frustration every time I see its ancient last posting. I'm in the last three weeks of my pregnancy and I'm just too tired to do it. I have so many other things to do and this gets dropped by the wayside. Since I've joined facebook, I keep up with my friends through that. Easier and quicker than posting blogs. But much more shallow and I don't get to really write. My blog is something I really love, but at this point I can't fit it in. Priorities are keeping the house in working order, homeschooling, and cooking. The cooking doesn't sound too hard, except that I feel compelled to cook everything from scratch, for health's sake, and that takes time. Everything else (crochet, reading, checking email and facebook, etc) are things that I can fit into little time slots. Blogging, because I'm a perfectionist and I edit and re-edit, takes an hour or two per good post. (not crappy spur-of-the-moment-no-pictures ones like this) It's just not a priority.

This post isn't an explanation or even an excuse. It's a thinking-through-typing exercise. I'm re-evaluating, I guess. What's important? What has enough value in it that I allot some of my precious and very limited time for? Some decisions I make without really thinking it through. (like watching stupid 80's videos for an hour) And when I'm done I usually feel horrible for doing it.

That's all for now. I'm tired and I need, really need, to go to bed early tonight. I probably shouldn't post something that I just typed without forethought in this sleepy state, but oh well...here goes...*click*


Genny said...

Love it. Pure truth. We love it when you can do it and understand when you can't. Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy (as much as you can). I can't believe you only have 3 left.

Quentin said...

Ah my hard drive crashed and I lost everyone's emails. I had to Google your name to find your blogspot. I wanted to email you and find out how you were doing. We too are in our last 3ish weeks. We are having our son April 13 or 15 by appointment. I hope everything is going well for you, we have a kidney situation that will need to be addressed at the time of birth. Hopefully it will be an easy fix and no invasive surgery will be needed. I don't know if you and Doug are having a boy or girl or waiting to find out... Anyway shoot me an email so I can add it back to my contacts.