09 January 2008

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Do you need more from the knives in your kitchen? When you are fixing a meal, is there a hidden ninja wanting to come out?

Before I was given an ulu, the answer to both these questions was a resounding, "Yes!"

My husband is from Alaska where they have a saying: "Alaska - where the men are men, and so are the women." How is that possible? Well, my friend, they have ulus in the last frontier.

The ulu is a knife. A super-sweet knife historically used by women and crafted by Native Alaskans over 5000 years ago. It has a curved blade and looks quite menacing. Actually, it is menacing to any food you want to prepare. One look at the blade and that green pepper will know you aren't messing around.

According to Wikipedia.com, "Traditionally, the ulu would be passed down from generation to generation. It was believed that an ancestor's knowledge was contained within the ulu and thus would also be passed on." I love that sentiment. Of course I don't believe it, but I love the generational closeness that it symbolizes. How cool to work with the same tools that your great-grandmother worked with.

You can get an ulu by itself or as a set with a specially designed bowl-shaped cutting board. The cutting board is indispensable if you want to cut messy things like nuts or olives. The bowl keeps the olives from rolling away and the nuts from flying off. If you want to quickly mince herbs, use the ulu on a normal flat cutting board. With a quick, rocking motion you can make short work of those leaves with professional chef-like speed.

I have to be honest, when I hold my ulu I feel like a kitchen warrior. Woe to the vegetable that thinks it can best me. My ninja moves cut it down to perfectly minced pieces. What can stand in my way? Nothing! Nothing, I tell you! Wa ha ha ha ha...

Normally, the proper follow to that paragraph would be something like, "Sorry, I got a little carried away." But I can't lie. I wasn't getting carried away. I was merely baring my soul. My honest kitchen-hero soul unlocked by the power of an ulu.

If you feel restrained by your lack of food-prep weaponry, I highly suggest acquiring an ulu. With one you can be freed to prepare food in the highly efficient, entirely speedy way God intended you to.

Ulus...they're choice!


mej said...

"food prep weaponry" ~ I definitely need to up my arsenal. hmm...if only the birthday fairy had come this year :) just kiddin' I wouldn't trade my plates for anything!

tricia said...

the birthday fairy doesn't just come once in a lifetime. she comes once a year, or else she wouldn't be the birthday fairy, silly! i think if she did she'd be called the "one life fairy" or "single encounter fairy" or maybe even the "you'd-better-be-ready-cause-I-only-come-once fairy."

mej said...

ha! laughing... i was kidding anyway YOU KNOW!!!