04 January 2008

I thought they had to be rotten first.

I was making some tacos last night. Shredded the cheese, sliced the olives, started to chop the tomato when something caught my eye. What could that be? Are those little dark green worms in my tomato? I looked closer and found myself nose to leaf with tiny little tomato sprouts. The tomato seeds were sprouting inside the tomato! How wierd is that?

The little red fruit, (Yes, it is botanically a fruit. Legally, it is a vegetable in the US. Click on the link and scroll down to the section 5.2 "Fruit or Vegetable?") the little red fruit seemed okay. From the outside it looked very nice. Beautiful red color, no blemishes. I figured, for scientific pursuits, I should taste it. No problems there, either. Of course, it was a winter tomato so it was lacking in real tomato-y flavor, but other than that, normal.

I thought a fruit/vegetable had to be all yucky before it did that. I guess not.

Here's a visual for you. It does look like worms at first, doesn't it?

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mej said...

gross! (although I have had those toms in my house before too.)miss you.