02 January 2008

Choice Goods Wednesday!

I would like to thank Bethany for reminding me of this choice good and I would like to dedicate this week's choiceness to Mej. (Tee hee!)

KitchenAids! Where would I be without my KitchenAid Professional Series Stand Mixer? I'll tell you, lost! Lost in a wilderness of time wasted and recipes never tried. Floating without aim or direction in a sea of insufficient arm muscles and inadequate wooden spoons.

As a girl who likes to make everything I possibly can from scratch, I can tell you from experience, I need my KitchenAid! It is a necessity in the kitchen. I make pizza almost every week. I throw all the ingredients into the mixer with the dough hook, flip it on and while I'm busy doing other things that baby is kneading the cawocky out of that dough. Any time I make bread, it does all the hard work for me. Cookies, whipped cream, cakes, cupcakes, and more are made with this amazing machine. It can take thick cookie dough and mix in another cup of oatmeal, just about the point where my arm would normally start to ache if I had to stir in the conventional way. Just dump in a pint of whipping cream with some powdered sugar, flip the switch and in a couple minutes you've got perfectly whipped cream, without the numbness induced by the hand-mixer vibrations.

If there is one thing I hate to do, it is grating cheese. Lucky for me, KitchenAid has about a billion attachments for their machines. I have the grater/slicer attachment that is truly sent from God above. Whenever I need to process a lot of cheese, i.e. pizza, lasagna, I whip out this little gizmo and let it do the dirty job. I also have the pasta maker and the food grinder. I pull those out when I'm feeling especially creative.

There is hardly a day when I don't use this time- and labor-saving device. Once again I am forced to thank God for having me live in this time period.

I can't emphasize enough just how much I rely on my mixer.

KitchenAid Stand Mixers...they're choice!


mej said...

nice. :)

bethany canfield said...

pretty cool dude...i like the red better though. but, really i am the ultimate colour freak! ahhhhh!

tricia said...

i love the red too, but white was given to me. can't complain about a free kitchenaid!