28 December 2007

I'm like Bryce Howard's twin!

Okay, it's pretty silly. But I had to post it. I went to myheritage.com and did this celebrity look-alike thing. I think it's the only time anyone would say I looked like Ashley Olsen! What do you think? FYI Bryce Howard was the blind chick in The Village, the Lady in the Water, and the police chief's daughter who kisses Peter in Spider-Man 3. Personally, I don't know how they figure this out. But it's pretty fun, no matter how inaccurate. But if you look, I do have at least one matching feature on each one. So you could say that if you take these eight beautiful women and put them together, you get me. Superstar Tricia! (Sorry for the squish. It doesn't fit width-wise and if I shrink it anymore the quality is poor.)

1 comment:

mej said...

Out of all those women I'd say you look the most like Annette Bening. She is gorgeous and soooo are you. How's the demo. coming?