18 December 2007

Any budding interior designers out there?

Okay, here's the deal. I bought three round mirrors for my dining room the other day. I really like them. They actually look a bit like port holes in a ship. I'm thinking of hanging them from ribbon as opposed to just using their little hangers in the back.

What's wierd is that they look waaay smaller in the picture than in real life. In real life, the wall just looks plain. Through the camera lens, the wall looks like it has three small eyes.

Anyway, it's not enough for the wall. I'm a horrible in-the-box thinker, an aspect of myself that I despise. I would appreciate any and all ideas, especially if they are without the box, if you catch my drift.



crimson warrior said...

So, I am thinking either a long rectangle of some sort (using frame or sticks??) around horizontal circles or diamond shape frame around vertical portal holes. Just my thoughts.

bethany canfield said...

what I would do...and that is I would put them to one side, I would do the left and hang them in a vertical positioning instead of horizontal. Then I would hang a larger horizonal rectangular picture that would tie in the colours of the wall and the circles (so including the green and the browns). does that make sense??



. _____________________

to the best of my comment equipment that is what I mean...i would try to get the upper circle to not match with the upper edge of the rectangle exactly though, I would have the circle higher by about an inch and put a little more space than you have in between them right now, but that does depend on how big you are able to go on the rectangular picture.

this is just a thought...yo.

bethany canfield said...

when i entered my comment it shifted all my drawing to the left! ahhh! bummer.

tricia said...

i get it though. don't worry.

mej said...

I think you should hand tank's potty chair right there next to those mirrors:).
Really though, you know me, i'd have to see it. but, if the are really like portholes, i am not sure ribbon will look good. if you did do it it should be black and either very industrious or very shiny. no matte. cause the wall is matte. anyway, i'd love to help you out.
can't wait to see you, friend!!

tricia said...

i know, after i posted i saw his stupid chair but i didn't want to take another picture, put it on my computer, etc.

oh well. it makes it more realistic i guess.