05 December 2007

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Today's choice good is dedicated to Ellyn Canfield, cutie-extraordinaire!

Ellyn reminded me of one of the choicest goods out there. It was introduced to me by Miss Nina-Banina and subsequently I hooked the Ellynator on it. What is it? Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick for Marks, Blemishes & Rough, Dry Skin *or* Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stick for short.

If any of you have ever been addicted to chapstick, this stuff is heaven. It won't cure you from an addiction though, I can assure you. For that try this site. I found it years ago. Although educational, it means nothing to me. I haven't made it to the first step yet, "admitting I'm powerless over lip balm."

Back to the post: Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick is like a smooth, moisturizing dessert for the lips. While the aroma has the same rich, robust quality of chocolate, it varies greatly from that specific scent, but not so much that they're unrelated. To explain, when you first smell it, it seems vaguely familiar, but not enough to pinpoint it exactly. Then someone tells you, "It's cocoa butter, the same stuff they make chocolate from," and you think to yourself, "Yeah, I can see that."

While this stick can be used on any part of your body that is in need of some delicious moisture, the oversized tube lends itself perfectly to swiping both lips in one movement. Caution: People will assume you are using a glue stick. This has happened to everyone I know who uses it. The tube is the same size as that school-room adhesive, and since most people are uninformed of the wonderfulness that is Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick, it's not hard to see why they get confused. (Especially when I let my kids use it. That really gets people's hearts a-racin'. "Do you know your kid is smearing gluestick all over their mouth?" I smile, nod my head and answer, "Yeah." "Aren't you going to stop them?" I look back at my child and shake my head, "Nope.")

The cocoa butter formula is also completely different than any other lip balm out there. It doesn't have that waxy feel of Chapstick or Carmex. Anyone who has had a serious need for chapstick and found themselves without will understand this next description. Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick feels exactly like you thought lotion would feel before you actually smeared it on your lips. It is soft, moisturizing and normal feeling. My husband who hates anything on his lips, especially when it's waxy, can handle this stuff on occasion. (Read: he doesn't mind if I kiss him when I'm wearing it.)

Now, the largeness of the stick is not so conducive to jeans' pockets, but it does lend itself nicely to purses or bags. It is large enough to be easily found in their depths. Where normal lip balm tubes are lost, Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick holds its ground, ready and waiting for your lipful needs.

One problem remains: finding the stuff. While you can find Palmer's Cocoa Butter products in many places. (They have an entire line.) The swivel stick is more on the rare side. I know of one place that has it for sure. Rite-Aid, God bless 'em. They have also been known to show up at the Grocery Outlet and I think I saw them at Fred Meyer the last time I was there. The point is this: if you ever run across some of these pieces-of-heaven-in-a-swivel-stick, get yourself some. No, get yourself lots. You can never go wrong with a stock-pile of Cocoa Butter sticks. When any sort of civilization-destroying holocaust hits, the mobs are going to go after three things: water, food and Palmer's Cocoa Butter sticks, and I want you to be ready. At least with perfectly moisturized lips.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick...it's choice! (I know you love my catch phrase, Mej.)


Ellyn Canfield said...

Hoorah! My Palmer's swivel stick and I salute you from across the country.

mej said...

you wacko- i love you and your "choice goods"

crimson warrior said...

what is with women and their lips and always putting stuff on them??? and especially what is with guys who are always putting stuff on their lips?? not me!!! I like em cracked and dry!!

tricia said...

you and dug, B