12 December 2007

Choice Goods Wednesday!

What's the good for today? Dry Soda!

This is one of my most favoritist drinks of all time. Well, there are actually four separate flavors: kumquat, lemongrass, lavender, and rhubarb, but they are all so good I can't pick just one favorite.

What is Dry Soda, exactly? Think lightly flavored, sparkly, barely sweetened yumminess. Think the most refreshing drink in the world besides water. When you have those two thoughts, join them in holy matrimony and let them have babies. Their offspring is Dry Soda.

I first discovered these at Roth's in Salem. Mej and I were shopping for some dinner stuff and we noticed how pretty the bottles were. (Good job, Marketing Department!) When we moved in for a closer look, we were intrigued by the odd flavors. Kumquat? Rhubarb? Lavender!?! Who ever heard of Lavender soda? Of course we had to try them.

The lowdown:
Kumquat is the citrus representative. Different from any other citrus drink options out there, the flavor is still nothing too out of the ordinary. Verdict: Delicious

Lemongrass is your lemon-lime type option. I've had the herb in numerous Thai dishes, but never on its own so I can't say if the soda tastes just like lemongrass. Verdict: Superb.

There is absolutely no other drink out there that can be compared to Rhubarb Dry Soda. It has a very "green" flavor. The only way I can describe it is this: it tastes like you're drinking the plant. Not rhubarb pie or rhubarb crisp, but rhubarb the plant...but better. Verdict: Oddly enjoyable.

I have to admit I was skeptical of Lavender. Lavender? Whenever someone tries it for the first time, their response is always the same. "It tastes just like lavender!" No, really? Imagine a drink that tastes like it was created from flowers, but it was good. That is Lavender Dry Soda. Verdict: Exquisite.

I've found if people don't like a flavor, it tends to be lavender or rhubarb. But I think that's due more to lack of exposure. There really is nothing else out there quite like these drinks. The unfamiliar always evokes stronger reponses than the comfortable standby.

Don't let that stop you. On their website they list where you can find this tastiest of treats. Go and try Dry Soda, even if you don't like it you'll look super cool with the beautiful, minimalistic bottle in your hand. But you'll like it, nay, you'll love it! If you're like me and think that most bottled drinks are too sweet to be refreshing, you will adore Dry Soda. It is barely sweet, but hugely delicious.

Dry Soda...it's choice!


mej said...

I was wondering when Dry Soda was going to make the "choice goods" list. Excellent post; excellent use of adjectives. especially 'hugely delicious' :) I agree though, dry soda is 'choice.'

tricia said...

your comment makes me think you were grading papers while you read it. :-)

crimson warrior said...

I would agree. These are quite the pleasantry. I can't remember what flavor's I tried, but I do remember thinking, "wow, this tastes just like lavender." Although I don't drink sodas much, I definitely splurge every time I come across a free Dry Soda.

Ellyn Canfield said...

i'm not joking, last night i thought to myself, "I wonder what Tricia's choice good will be?"

This sounds yummy and even better is from my childhood neighberhood grocery store!

tricia said...

i'm so flattered, ellyn. how cool is it that you were anticipating my post? i love it.

actually i've realized that having a scheduled post is a really good thing for me. it gives me a assignment/deadline. for my personality that is almost necessary for anything to get done.

tricia said...

bryson, i can't help but love your unassuming, almost hidden humor.