19 December 2007

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Choice Goods of the week...What can they be? Why, they be journals, me hearty. Argh! (Sorry, the pirate-typer took over for a sec. I just finished a book about sailing, complete with pirates. The Dark Frigate, if you're wondering.)

So...journals. What's so special about journals? Well, I don't know exactly, but I love them. I'm drawn to their pristine pages, begging me to fill them with...well...with whatever it is they need to hold. I think the fact that they are bound books unhindered by the no-writing taboo, is part of the draw. From our earliest years we are told not to write in books, but these exceptions to the rule allow us to create our own bound editions.

Personally, I'm not your standard journal-keeper. Mine are used for more unorthodox purposes. The swirly pink one in the photo above lives in my purse. If I need a piece of paper for something, it's there. I keep measurements of my rooms in it so if I find furniture that I like, I know if it will fit in the room. When I'm traveling I write flight numbers, calling card numbers, etc. in it so they are handy. I use it to write my thoughts, doodle to pass the time, anything at all. Keeping a bound journal in my purse is one of the most useful ideas I've ever come up with.

I use the gray journal with the sewn black binding with my book reading. Whenever I come across something worthy of note, I jot it down. I mainly use it to remember what I've read for the book club I'm in. I'm the type of reader that retains information only long enough to read the book. Ask me to regurgitate what I just read and I'm at a loss. Enter the handy book journal and my reactions and thoughts are there when I need them. Plus, I think the journal itself is beautifully bound. It makes me happy just looking at it.

My most beloved journal I received from my husband before we were even dating. I saw it in the OSU book store and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It had a leather cover pressed with Celtic knotwork and held closed by a leather string that wrapped around a metal button-like thing. (Sorry for my lack of correct wordage.) He secretly bought it for me and gave it to me a little while later. I was speechless because the reason I had passed it over was its exhorbant price tag. Ahhh, amour.

My journal of beautifulness was made by Oberon. The cover is actually just that, a cover. It's refillable and holds a hard-bound standard journal. Click here to see what I mean. I use it to write my prayers, God's answers, bible study notes, etc. It holds my most intimate thoughts because it came from my Dug.

I love my journals and am constantly on the lookout for the next addition to my collection. Let me know if you find one.

Journals...they're choice!


mej said...

what I love is that you posted this at 1:27 AM !! I love you. and I love your journals. For the longest time I thought the celtic one was a bible. anyway, and yes, where would you be without the swirly one? lost,eh?

tricia said...

actually, the post time is when you began to write, not when you finished. yikes! don't ask but assume i didn't get much sleep last night even if i slept in to 930.