24 November 2007

Tutorial: How to Leave a Comment

Until I had my very own blog, I had no idea the importance of comments to one's feelings of self-worth as a blogger. It is something you can't understand until you've had your own posts with that lonely label, "0 comments." I also know that commenting on a blog can be very intimidating for the uninitiated. Therefore, I have put together this little tutorial, for the good of humanity and all of blogdom. disclaimer: This tutorial is specifically for Blogger, but the major concepts can be applied to almost all blog platforms.

Definitions are in order, I think.
  • Blog: the shortened form of web log, an online journal or diary; this blog is called "the endless pursuit of Life."
  • Post: the individual journal entries of a blog; this post is titled "Tutorial: How to Leave a Comment."
  • Hyperlink: a clickable link in text or graphics that will take you to a different web page; the word or graphic is usually highlighted and when your cursor moves over the link it will change from the usual arrow into a little hand. The words cool comic are hyperlinked. Go ahead, try it out.
Now, for the tutorial...How To Comment, Explained:
  1. Read the post. Fairly self-explanatory, I think.
  2. At the bottom of the post there are the words, "Posted by tricia at 10:50 PM 0 comments." The word "comments" is hyperlinked, so click on it.
  3. In my blog, you have now opened a new page, the comment page. On the left are the comments of previous readers. On the right is the "Leave your comment" window.(Some blogs have a small, separate window that opens up, with the previous comments at the top and the "Leave your comment" window at the bottom.) Go ahead and type a message in it, i.e. "Tricia, your blog is the best blog I've ever read."
  4. When you have finished your comment, choose an identity. This just means that you need to decide how you want to sign your comment. If you have a blogger or google account, choose that option and fill in the appropriate information. You may also choose "Nickname." In that case you can type in whatever name you want. The last option is "Anonymous," choice of cowards.
  5. When all fields have been filled in to your satisfaction, simply click "Publish your comment." Et voila, you have commented! Congratulations.
No more should I get emails with the excuse, "I don't know how to leave a comment!" That excuse has been torn from your arsenal. Now go and fight the war against lonely posts! Fill the web with comments that will bolster the confidence of bloggers everywhere! You've been equipped and it's up to you!


bethany canfield said...

wow dude!! thanks for the in-depth detail you put into this!!! way neat. yes, i know what you mean about wanting comments...it was really nice when the whole clan united and joined blogging because previously I had many posts without a comment, no only a few.
yay for BLOGGING!!
and a double YAY for comments and commenters!!

mej said...


tricia said...

mej, you're such a goof ball.

mej said...

That's why you love me.