28 November 2007

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Can you believe it's already Wednesday again?

Today I'm going to share with you an excellent item worthy of notice. This, my friends, is the Intuition razor by Schick.

In case you are not aware of the finer points of this specific razor, please take note. The razor itself looks as though it was carved into a bar of soap. But that's not soap, no siree. That is, according to Schick, "Skin Conditioning Solid." Whatever, I call it shaving cream bar. Essentially every time you swipe the razor over your skin, it lays down a thin layer of the conditioner before and after the blade. This negates the need for a separate can of shaving cream, or conditioner, or bar of soap, or whatever it is that you usually use. Since the blade is surrounded by the "conditioning solid" it doesn't matter if the water is pouring directly onto the spot that you are shaving. In the past I had to make sure my leg was out of the line of fire of the shower nozzle or else it would be rinsed clean of any and all shaving cream. I now find the whole ordeal a lot less stressful and a bunch more comfortable. I can stand directly under the hot water instead of avoiding it. This is a big deal in the winter since anyone who has been shaving for any length of time knows that razors + goosebumps = painful red bumps of yuckiness.

Now one thing I can't say is that you will save money since you're not buying shaving cream anymore. This razor is a bit on the spendy side. The refills are what really matter, and they're not cheap, either. It's like those darn printer manufacturers. They don't make money on the printers. They make the money on the ink cartridges. Stinking ink cartridges. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh yes. The refills. These are just one of those things I'm willing to splurge on. I don't get razor burn as much anymore and I can shave superfast now that I don't have to worry about anything extra. That, to me, is worth the extra moolah.

Oh! And before I forget, the refills come in different varieties such as Cucumber Melon and Sensitive Skin.

So there you have it. I love it. And while I could get by and shave with plain, practical razors, I'd rather not.

My Intuition razor...it's choice!


crimson warrior said...

i have yet to find a razor that agrees with my face, or facial hair rather. Therefore, i hate shaving. was that part of the curse?

tricia said...

probably. but to be honest. not sure anyone LOVES to shave. actually i take that back. i'm sure there's at least one person out there that loves it. there's always at least one for everything.

bethany canfield said...

if i shaved i may be into this...uh, that is a joke...well, kinda.

i know one person who at least used to love to shave. i will keep her name "in the vault" for now.

Ellyn Canfield said...

I think that might be me? I'm not sure if I love it- but I have done it VERY faithfully every other day for at least 8 years...wow. I do love it more right now since I got my Trader Joe's mango shave cream...yum.

Which leads me to my FAVORITE Tricia Choice Good, which hasn't made the blog yet. I still use Palmer's cocoa butter sticks, which I discovered from you when you were giving birth to Isaac! They are so yummy, and I enjoy explaining to people that no, I am not using a glue stick on my lips. Plus, it brings back a pretty amazing memory!

OK, long comment- but , Tricia, I am so very glad that I have a partner in my accident prone-ness! I think am proud to share that title with you! We make it look good (or we can at least tell each other that)!

bethany canfield said...

it was you, Ellyn!! i didn't know if you wanted that in the light...crazy that you knew it was you, huh?
wow.you are so funny.
I'll have to try that palmer's cocoa butter stuff....sounds great.

tricia said...

okay ellyn, perfect choice good for this next wednesday! it's actually pretty hard to remember what i love when i'm put on the spot of writing about it. i tend to be a bit passionate and "love" a lot of things. i wore the scarf you got me to the book club meeting and everybody loved it! of course they did because ellyn is the style lion! rowr!