06 November 2007

Breakfast as art?

I don't remember how I found this site, but I did. I love it. Jon Huck is a photographer and this is his breakfast project. I love the premise and think the pictures are beautiful. Charles' breakfast (at right) is one of my favorites. (To clarify: the breakfast is my favorite, Charles just happens to be attached to it.) The series is a pretty fascinating look at people. By looking at what they ate (or at least guessing what it is) you can get a tiny little glimpse of who they are. Some even evoke emotions. There's one with a teenager who has only a handful of Froot Loops in her bowl. That got to me a little. The whole thing is compelling in the way that you have to see the next one. My brother and I looked through all of them and commented on each: the people and the breakfast choices. Pretty fun, actually. Who knew breakfast could be so interesting?

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MamaP said...

that's very interesting. thanks for sharing.