18 November 2007

Decision, decisions...

We're finally starting the process of restoring our house to two working bathrooms! We have all the tile and Dug has finalized the plans. This is so exciting.

We gutted our bathroom in May 2006. So for the last 18 months we have had to use our bathroom in the basement. Seven people (3 adults, 4 children) having to use one bathroom. Not only is it a pain in the derriere (pun intended) to go to a different story to use the facilities, but the stairs into the basement are very narrow and very steep. We affectionately call them our "death stairs." The only upside is that our basement toilet is in a different room than the shower, thus affording others a chance to "relieve" themselves while someone is showering. That, I emphasize, is the only upside.

My brother, God bless him, works for a flooring store. They let him "dispose" of the extra pieces from finished jobs. We now have enough tile to finish our kitchen floor, our upstairs bathroom, our downstairs bathroom and the downstairs shower. The catch? Well, they aren't all the same color. But, it's not all bad. Almost all the 12" tiles are neutral tones like those above. I think a smattering of mismatched tiles within the neutral color family will actually go with the house since it was built in the Arts & Crafts style.

So here's what we've decided on: the natural tile for the floor and partway up the wall, white toilet, sink and tub, and something close to the light blue above for the upper walls. What do you think? That's it for now. I'll keep you posted on the progress. This last picture is our bathroom in its current state. It's like looking back in time. Those boards were last gazed upon in 1923. Pretty cool, huh?

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Ellyn Canfield said...

Tricia, I love this blog.I was looking for your post about spilling the Odwalla in Winco to comment on- I read that awhile and it has totally stuck with me! Yesterday while walking with roommates, I spilled coffee all over myself and shared you odwalla licking story with them and we had a good laugh/admired your quick thinking mama skills. . I agree that , given the situation, that's what I would do- and count it as odwalla gained. In fact, I think I did lick the coffee off.