15 November 2007

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

I finished this today. On the toilet. Seriously, it's one place where I can read in peace. Sometimes I don't even have to go, I just lock myself in there and sit on the toilet lid. Need to change the subject. On to the book...

Good story. Interesting viewpoint of rats and their take on humans. Totally different than the movie, but just as good. The movie is called The Secret of Nimh. The funny thing about movies is that they aren't joking when they say inspired by the book. I think they should just say "We read the book and took some main points out of it and used them for this movie that has a completely different story line." It would definitely be closer to the truth. Because from about halfway through The Secret of Nimh, the only things that stay true to the book are the names of the characters. A good consequence of this is that the story was new and fresh. I really had no idea how it was going to end despite the fact that I've watched the movie at least a dozen times.

The story was pretty gripping and I really wanted to finish it. All in all, it will go into the pile that states, "To Recommend."

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