22 November 2007

Food bloggers unite!

I found two online food events that look like fun. Both of them entail preparing a food item and then blogging about it. I'm going to try and do both of them. One is on ice cream and the other, cookies. Ice cream and cookies? Who could resist either of them?

First up, we've got my favorite Irish ice cream blog, Ice Cream Ireland. Kieran, blog author, is currently writing a book on ice cream. In order to help test the recipes, he's hosting an ice cream party.

Here's what Kieran says you have to do:

"Make one (or more) of the following recipes (don’t leave it too late!), write about the experience on your blog (including any suggested changes) by 25th of November, put a link here, email me at kfionnm at icecreamireland dot com with the URL of the post, and I will -

* Post a round-up of all the entries including links to your site
* Include a credit to you in the book
* Send a free copy of the book (when it’s published in April) to the 5 best posts
* I’m trying to negotiate with my brother for some Ice Cream Ireland Official Tester/Taster t-shirts, and if that comes off they might find their way to you as well (no promises yet, I’ll keep you posted)"

Doesn't that sound like fun? Gotta do this one quick, though. The last day is the 25th! Dug and I are going to try the cardamom one and probably one more. You should try a recipe, too. (Yes, that's peer pressure!) Make sure that you let me know if you're doing it. Of course, definitely let Kieran and the folks at Ice Cream Ireland know!

Another site having a food event is Food Blogga. It's called Eat Christmas Cookies. This one isn't a contest. But truly, everyone's a winner when you make and eat Christmas cookies. Am I right or am I right? The blog author, Susan, has detailed instructions on participating at her site. But the gist is this: make some cookies, blog about them, email Susan with your information. Yum, Christmas cookies. I can't believe it's already holiday time.

I hope you join in the food blogging fun! I'll let you know how ours turns out. Let me know about yours!


Kieran said...

Thanks, Tricia! I hope the recipe works for you. As for eating Christmas cookies, what a great idea! Thanks for passing it on.

bethany canfield said...

yum yummy!!!