14 February 2008

Heart = Love

Happy Valentine's Day, World! My kids had a Valentine's Party for their homeschool co-op and I made these cupcakes. Quite possibly the tiniest, cutest cupcakes ever. They are about the diameter of a fifty-cent piece. Literally, a single bite of sweetness. I have about twenty or so leftover. (I made probably sixty of the darned things.) I can't ship them to you, though. (Like Dug would even let me. He's kinda stingy with treats. Especially since I've got him eating "mostly" vegetarian.) I wouldn't even know how to get it to you with the icing intact, and you don't want to be licking the box to get all the buttery goodness, the cardboard would make it taste like, well, cardboard. So you'll just have to be happy with my thoughts and my pictorial Valentine...Find someone you love and let them know, 'cause it's Valentine's!

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bethany said...

happy V-Day to you!