06 February 2008

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Today's choice good is antibiotics.

Since Saturday I've been so sick, I haven't been able to do anything. Crocheting was too exhausting. Getting up to go to the bathroom took all my energy and then when I came back to my spot on the couch, it would take me forever to warm up again.

Last night we finally went to the doctor. The whole family. All six of us crammed into a little doctor's room. Four of us had temps over 102 and the other two were okay. Of the fevered, my son was the only one who wasn't prescribed antibiotics. So we stopped at Bimart, got our meds and at 6:30, Dug, me and littlest daughter downed our doses. Fast forward to today. Our fevers are gone! Yay! The hacking cough isn't gone, nor can I take a full breath, but I am able to actually make breakfast for my family for the first time since Saturday.

Now, the cough syrup Doc gave me sucked. He said it would help my cough and let me sleep. Liar!! My cough was soothed for a short time, but that stuff kept me up more than normal. So no choice goods for that junky medicine.

I'm normally one to not go to the doctor. I figure most stuff goes away on its own and God gave us amazing bodies that are capable of dealing with a lot. When we get a fever, I let the fever run its course, only giving Tylenol if they are unable to sleep (or if the fever gets too high.) And only at the last resort do I call the ol' doc. But when it looks like it's not going to go away without some sort of medical intervention, I'm not going to be stubborn. We pack it in and head on over to the medical man.

That is exactly the situation we were in yesterday. And I'm so glad we dragged our feverish butts into our van and shivered the twenty blocks to the doctor's. Because of that decision, I can now write this post.

Antibiotics...they're choice!

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