10 February 2008

The Beginnings of a Babette

I started it. And I don't just mean my Babette blanket. I mean anything bigger in crochet than a hat. It's pretty exciting. This is also the biggest craft project that I can remember ever trying. I made a Christmas tree skirt and my own skirt, but that's it. Woohoo!

I finished the squares that are two-rounds. There were fifty of them. I like that I get to switch colors often. Then I saw that I have to make forty-nine four-round squares. Which is pretty much everything I just did and then make them twice as big. So the progress, although swift at first, is slowing and the blanket, as a whole, will take a lot longer than I thought. But it's started, and that's the important thing. (I'm hoping that blogging this will force me to finish if I start to wane in enthusiasm. The ol' "Can't let the readers down" trick.)

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