08 February 2008

Get your crochet on!

I've been feeling better each day since I've started my antibiotics. My fever is gone and it seems that I'm able to regulate my temperature once more. Thank goodness. I also am able to accomplish a few household chores before I need to take a rest. Slowly but surely, the precariously balanced tower of dirty dishes we've been stacking with the skill of professional Jenga players, is becoming less and less impressive. And even though everyone's dressers and closets are empty of wear-able clothes, we can still wear our favorite outfits because they are all clean. Although it is a bit of an adventure finding them in the pile of laundry on our couch. The five loads double as a climbing wall and amphitheatre, keeping the kids happy and entertained. I'm just happy I can finally change out of my "just in case I run out of laundry" underwear.

I've been feeling better, but I hadn't been able to blog until today. (I don't know if it is a good or bad indicator, but it takes a good deal of my brain to come up with my posts.) So what have I been doing in the meantime? Crochet!

Unbeknownst to me at the time, it seems to be a far-flung passion as of late. Three of my friends have also taken it up. My grandmother taught me years ago and I go through seasons of love-crochet/don't love it enough to keep it up-crochet. 'Tis the season to love-crochet!

It started as hats. I made myself a little beanie out of brown cotton. I added a little white flower. But the hat was too big. I washed it and guess what? As is the pattern of late, it's now too small. So now my dear daughter #2 has a cute hat that matches her personality and hair coloring perfectly. Not too big of a loss, really.

Son #2 wanted an elf hat with ear flaps in turquoise, brown and yellow stripes. He carried the yarn around for a whole day while I finished his sister's hat. I have to admit it came out super-cute. Made a hat for son #1, but when he saw son #2's cool elf-hat, he promptly gave his lightning beanie to his friend (before I had the energy to snap a pic) and sweetly asked for a elf-hat for himself. We went to the store and after much deliberation, the colors black and red were chosen. His reasoning:

"Mom, I know that black and red are evil colors, but I don't care."

"God made all the colors, son, they aren't evil."

"I know, Mom, but on shows the bad guys are always red and black. The good guys are always blue and white."

Touche. What could I say? He's right.

Made two white and pink-striped hats for the two daughters, complete with flowers, but only daughter #1's turned out. Daughter #2's looked more like a clown hat, but it ended up okay because she got my brown hat, remember? Clown hat goes into dress-up and we're all winners.

Then I visited my friend Mej and made two hats for her daughters. One was a cream elf-hat with a pom-pom and a huge green flower right in the front. It is my favorite hat so far and of course I don't have a picture. (I actually made the conscious decision not to bring my camera. I have no idea what I was thinking.) I started the other hat but didn't finish it until I got home. It is shown at right on daughter #1.

Then it happened. I was looking around online and found the Babette blanket. (There it is on the right.) It's beautiful. I love it. And since it's a bunch of little guys put together, it looks like I might be able to finish it. (I have a slight crochet-attention-deficit-disorder problem. Hence the reason for all the different hats.) To cement the devotion, I bought and downloaded the pattern, went to the store and bought the yarn. $56 later, I'm committed. (to the blanket anyway, still no word on any institutions that would take me.) I told the hubby I just saved him $247! Which is completely true. The yarn that they recommend making the blanket with was $13.50/skein and it required 22 skeins! My yarn was only $3.19 and I only needed 15 of them.

So that's where I am now. I just started the Babette. I'm pretty excited.

More to come...

ps Can you tell my kids have been sick too? Daugher #2 was the only one who wanted to pose. Son #1 acquiesced; Son #2 and Daughter #1 fought tooth and nail. Hey, at least they weren't crying in the pics, right?


MamaP said...

So cute Trish! I love them all. What's the elf hat pattern I want to make one of those?! You have to teach me how to crochet the flowers on the hats too!

tricia said...

hey p- thanks a bunch. i got the patter here at lion brand yarn.
it's called the "earflap hat." but the yarn they call for is super thick and i used normal. so it took some messing around. let me know what size you want to do and i'll let you know what i did.

about the flowers. i just sewed them on once i crocheted them. leave the end you fasten off really long and use it to sew it to the hat.

let me know if you have any questions.

Megan Malone said...

so your comment about me and my upping the ante on pretty paper questions has just been Greatly overshadowed by your recent upheaval of crocheting. Shit. You've taken the gold on this one and have greatly inspired me to get a move on my wimpy projects. I've just figured out how to post pictuers with my blogs so watch out sister!
Secondly, I am GREATLY saddened that I will not be seeing you tonight. I had such a good time with you at the last meeting and though our connection was via fictional rabbits (let alone the fact that they were rabbits) I still felt a connection with you. I enjoy you much much much and have a slight feeling that my hyperactivity and excitement will be slightly subdued tonight....sigh...do you think you could email me the pattern for the blanket? I'd like to put that on my list of upcoming projects. Kisses.

mom said...

i see nothing wrong with black and red...the hats are very cute...and handsome...

tricia said...

megan, thanks bud. i too am super-sad i wasn't there. probably having a missing me and a subdued you might let some quieter souls have more peace, if you catch my drift. *nod nod wink wink* i'll be in africa during history of love but i'll be there with bells on for anna k. bells, darling. i'll send you the pattern.

mom, i agree. he agrees too, but had to let me know that there was some decision-making before he figured it out.