20 February 2008

Choice Goods Wednesday!

I've been wanting to do a post on this particular item since Christmas, but other things came to the forefront. Back burner be gone! Release the Magnetix!

Over Christmas, Dug's wonderful mother gave the kids a 35-piece set of Magnetix. Magnetix is a cool building set consisting of magnet-ended rods and metal balls. Through the "magic" of magnetism, you can build all sorts of sweet objects.

The only problem is that 35 pieces was nowhere near enough. Fortunately, Ross Dress-For-Less had a bunch of sets. I bought two. One more with 35 and another with 85. So we're up to 155 pieces. And that's still not enough. I find myself just building and building until all the pieces are used up. Then I look sadly at the empty tin.

Whenever the box is opened, everyone gathers around and starts building. It's addictive. The tactile pleasure of snapping the pieces together, the instant gratification of creativity, it's impossible to pass by without building a quick little something.

A cool side-benefit is that my kids are understanding how shape affects stability. Since the rods can move along the face of the ball, a triangular construction is immediately obvious as the most stable shape. My six-year old daughter is constantly reminding everyone, "If you don't want it to move, make it a triangle."

Yesterday, while my oldest kids did homeschool, my three-year old kept busy building all sorts of things for almost an hour! That alone is worth buying a kit.

Being a bit of a nerd, it's obvious why Magnetix appeal to me. But they will appeal to both sides of the brain-spectrum. The left-brainers will love the science/building aspect and the right-brainers will embrace the creativity that this kit unleashes. And the coolest part is the complete lack of age-restrictions. (Well, that's not entirely accurate. You wouldn't want baby sticking those steel balls down her gullet.) In our family everyone from the three-year old to the thirty-five year old enjoy this toy.

Magnetix...they're choice!


Luke Zedwick said...

I was wondering what kind of camera you have. your photos in this post are really good.
the nerd from e-town

tricia said...

hey luke, everytime i see your profile picture i have this urge to walk away from my computer...i just reread that and it sounds like i if i see you i have to leave, but i'm actually referring to your hand pointing out the direction you're leading me to. (jokes aren't as funny when you have to explain them, are they?)

my camera is a Canon Rebel XTi and most of my pictures are with a 100mm macro lens.

and thanks for the compliment. it's amazing what a good camera can do...