23 April 2008

For the reader who doesn't think they have enough information on "Who Tricia Is"

Sometimes I am blown away by how narcissistic blogging is. "Hello world! Here I am. I am so important in my own eyes that I think my contemplations are significant enough to share with the world. I expect the world to read my compositions and care enough to comment on them."

But I digress...

The following information is what I really wanted to disseminate. (Isn't disseminate a great word? I learned it while working for the National Weather Service in college. I love that word.)

In case you didn't notice, I put an About Me page on the blog. (The link is right under the blog title on the left hand side.) Just in case you want to know a bunch of Tricia trivia, like how I have an affinity for the words trivia and pediatrician because one is almost the same as my name and the other has my name in it. (Consider that a bonus, it isn't on the list.) Just in case you care...the option is available.

(I read somewhere on some blog that it is a good idea to have an About Me page. Lets readers know who you are. This is the product of my obedience.)


Sheltie Girl said...

Tricia - You put up a wonderful "About Me" page. I'm a Star Wars fan too, but I also like Star Trek and Star Gate. I just like the fantasy and sci fi genre.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

tricia said...

thanks natalie. i'm a sucker for sci fi and fantasy too, just star wars is super fave. i wish there were more quality fantasy flicks. they can be a tad cheesy special effects-wise if the budget is too small. but hey, i still love 'em.