11 April 2008

Factoid Friday!

If the Earth is the size of a golf ball, the largest star that we know of, Canis Majoris, is so huge, that the amount of golfball Earth's that would fit in it would cover the state of Texas three feet deep! This image is just a comparison of it with our sun. Don't feel bad, I can't quite fathom it either.

I learned that watching a video by Louis Giglio. I think it was called Indescribable. (Dad, help please?) This video is different from the one I saw, but it is impacting. Take a moment to watch it. It starts out slow, but doesn't end that way...

EDIT: The one I watched was called Indescribable II. The one linked above is Indescribable I.


Anonymous said...

Indescribable II

tricia said...

thanks mom!