28 October 2007

In the Beginning...

I created this blog. And the site was without title and form and nothingness was on the face of my page. And I moved upon blogger.com and clicked "Start New Blog." And there were options. And I saw the options, that they were good. And I divided the great options from the not so great options, calling the great options "The endless pursuit of Life" and leaving the lesser options to their fate. I saw that these initial options were good. And the minutes it took were the first hour.

And I clicked, saying, "I've got to make this baby my own," so I went through the settings tabs and the template tabs changing and tweaking and manipulating until it looked as good I thought it could, given the circumstances that I don't know much about blogging. And I saw that these changes would be adequate until I got a firmer handle on how blogs worked and what I wanted my blog to become. And I saw that these secondary changes were good. And the minutes it took were the second hour.

And I clicked the "View Blog" button and realized that a blog isn't a blog until you post something. So I began to think. A first post is an important accomplishment. It sets the tone of your whole blog. It begins the journey. It is an auspicious event that will determine the future of your entire web presence!! And I saw that I couldn't work under these circumstances. And I developed writer's block. And I saw that writer's block sucked big time. And the minutes that were seized in paralyzing fear of screwing up were the third, fourth and fifth hours.

And I finally realized "You've got to start somewhere." And I understood that one blog post, no matter how bad, will not cause the entirety of blogger.com to implode. And I began to write. And the minutes spent writing and revising a measely 500-word post were the sixth hour.

Thus the creating of The endless pursuit of Life and composing the first post were finished. And I rested for the seventh hour. (Because who knew the amount of stress one could pile on oneself in the publishing of a very silly, very commonplace blog of which is currently attached no special importance?) Amen.


bethany canfield said...

and she saw that it was good.
way cool girl! so glad to hear about other bloggers!!! fun stuff.

Pottergirl said...