31 October 2007

Dorky Pillow Talk

This will give you an idea of of where my hubby and I sit on the Dork spectrum (hint: really high!)

It's bedtime and we're supposed to be trying to go to sleep. Poor Dug, he has learned after ten years of marriage that this is how I unwind. Unfortunately, as G.I. Joe knows too well, knowing is only half the battle, and it doesn't change the fact that he's always trying to fall asleep to "Taka taka taka blab blab blab. What do you think, honey?" I can tell if he is really tired when he begins the non-committal "Mmmm hmmm." But when it's getting right close to snore-time the responses slack to a back-of-the-throat "Mmm."

Actually in this story he is actively engaged in the conversation. This is one of my favorite times with the Big Lug. We are discussing our daughter, Princess Cutie Pops, dressing up as Tinkerbell for Halloween.

Dug: Princess Cutie Pops will look just like her with that red hair.
Tricia: Tinkerbell doesn't have red hair.
Dug: Really? What color is it?
Tricia: Blonde.
Dug: Well, Princess Cutie Pops will be so cute with her red hair and a blue dress.
Tricia: Tinkerbell's dress is green.
Dug: Green. Blue. What's the difference? *pause for effect* Yellow!
*laughter from both*

See what I mean? Not only did that joke come up, but it was freaking hilarious! We kept snickering during the silent laying-in-bed-not-talking-falling-asleep time. So, there you go, a little window into the true depths of our goofidom.

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bethany canfield said...

hahahahehehe!! very good. i agree with doug..i thought tinkerblell had a blue dress, but here at the canfield residence we are not really up-to-date on princeses, or faries. we know our dumptrucks and tracktors though!!!haha..