23 January 2009

For the Dug-Mania sweeping the nation...

I made this wallpaper for everyone of you who can't get enough Dug. After I made it and placed it on my desktop I called over to the Big Man himself, "Hey Duggy, check out what I just did!" He turned from his computer and, after only a moment, responded with, "That is just plain scary!"

All you do is click on the pic, and it will take you to the full-size version. Once there, right-click your mouse and then choose "Set As Desktop Background." At that moment, all your dreams will be fulfilled and you'll have Dug in abundance. (And no comments about his ear, okay? I only noticed it once I had finished, past the Point of No Return.)

(non-disclaimer: I do not have permission to post this. he he he)

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ames said...

Brennan said "too much people."