15 December 2008

Where, oh where has that Tricia-girl gone?

I have a dilemma. I really love blogging. (You should see the quantity of "blogging pictures" on my camera, just waiting for their 15-seconds of fame.)

I also really love spending time with my husband, be it taking down the forces of darkness in LOTRO or catching a few downloaded episodes of Heroes, Life, Chuck or 24. The time slot available for both is the few hours between the kids going to sleep (as opposed to being "tucked in") and us following their example.

Do you see the conflict?

Don't worry, this isn't a Why-I'm-Giving-Up-Blogging post. It's more an exposition on my serious lack of blogging updates.

See, Duggy's home. He's really home. (At least for a few more weeks.) And I'm spending as much down time with him as I can. Blogging can't measure up to that.

So if you're wondering why it's so slow as of late...wonder no more, because when he's called back to the Computer Frontier that's when the Endless Pursuit will fill the quiet hours of my evening once more.

1 comment:

ames said...

Thank you for diferentiating between kids going to sleep and getting tucked in...it certainly isn't the same time on the clock around here either. :)