09 November 2008

the shnozberries taste like shnozberries!

I snagged the title banner picture for my kids site, Shnozberry Patch, off the internet a long time ago. (Thank you talented, unknown photographer of beautifulness.) I just found out that the plant that I thought encapsulated what a Shnozberry should look like is really called American Beautyberry. And it grows wild here in Texas!!

We thought it would be fitting to have some of our own, so we sowed some berries that our friends gave us out by our fence. Hopefully, our entire backyard fence will be covered by them in a few years.

Just thought you might like to know that we'll soon (relatively, anyway) have our own Shnozberry patch in our backyard!


Erica Ramsing said...

I didn't know there was actually such a thing as shnozberries....and honestly that is the only part of that move I have actually seen. It's such a memorable line.

tricia said...

hey erica,
there actually isn't a real shnozberry, i just adopted the american beautyberry as my shnozberry representation. the beautyberry just looks to me like what a shnozberry would look like.

thanks for commenting! comments make a bloggers day! :-)

Rae said...

We have one near our front porch here in Oregon. i love it.