22 May 2008

Floral Macros

The flowers this time of the year are too beautiful. I know it is super cheesy but I'm mesmerized by them and love the challenge of capturing their beauty without the photo looking like a greeting card. It's pretty hard and I fail miserably every time. But I keep trying. And have I mentioned that I love my macro lens? I give it the credit for any picture that looks great. Macro lens + flowers = incredible detail.

This is a gorgeous tulip that grows in an abandoned flower pot in the corner of our yard. I didn't plant it. I don't know who did. But it grows every spring. It is probably my favorite color of tulip.

These tiny yet gorgeous flowers are from some random weed. Weird, huh?

My kids each have a patch of ground where they planted their own tulips. These beauties are my eldest's.

Just a lovely rose.

I know you're supposed to hate them but I can't. I love dandelions. I think they are especially beautiful when they are in this, their most irresistable state. (Click on it and you can see a bit more detail. They really are amazing aerodynamically.)


Anonymous said...

LOTR online is taking over. I'm staging an intervention.

tricia said...

haha. (only "mostly" true.) we watched a movie last night. and night time is my blogging time. so pbbbbtt!