19 March 2008

Choice Goods Wednesday!

Hello world! I'm back! Funny that the last meaty post I wrote was a "choice good" and now here I am with another.

So after traveling from Oregon, USA to Southern Africa up to Western Europe and back again in 2 1/2 weeks and arriving home yesterday morning at 1am, can you forgive me for this abbreviated post? I thought you might.

I'll unload my adventures when my house looks a litle more liveable (1 uncle + 4 kids under 9 + 3 weekends = Webster's 3b definition of chaos).

So what's choice for today? Well, friends, I wasn't sure until I went to my Google Reader page and saw the 511 posts I would have to read in order to catch up on all my favorite blogs. In the words of my new Swazi (as in Swaziland) friends, EESH!

In light of that, I realized what today's choice good had to be. It is something free, stress-relieving and indispensible when you are unable to check your favorite blogs for a few days:

The MARK ALL AS READ button!

I need to be able to start afresh and let go. Five hundred and eleven is a big number (it has seven syllables for goodness sake!) and without the MARK ALL AS READ button, I would be unable to read any blogs. I would be overwhelmed and avoid my Reader because of the pressure that 511 brings with it.

But with a single click of a single button, I can "read" all back posts and have the cycloptic number 0 looking back at me. Of course, in time, I can truly read all those left behind, but with no pressure from that huge number.


The MARK ALL AS READ button...it's choice!

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