31 October 2010

geeks and dogs, just another day...

My husband and I stayed up last night making jokes about how popular it is to use Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment in movies and tv and how incorrectly they use it. Then I pointed out how I couldn't imagine very many other couples extracting this much pleasure from a quantum mechanics explanation misapplied. After a brief discussion of how completely geeky we are, we then lamented on how geeks are actually misrepresented as nerds and the distinctions between the two. It was at this point that I realized how perfect we are for each other and went to sleep rather contented.

Chewy has grown since this picture, but it's so cute...
Oh! I almost forgot! We have a dog now! Her name is Chewbacca and she's perfect. I've been wanting a dog and she just fell right into our laps. She was my parents' but we dog-sitted (dog-sat?) her quite a bit and my parents saw how well she fit into our family, how the kids loved her, how she loved our huge yard and how much I appreciated having her in the house when my hubsters was gone. They said if we wanted her they would give her to us. Of course we couldn't say no. Did I mention she's perfect?


Ashley said...

Hey! THAT looks like my puppy! what kind of dog is it?

Tricia said...

we're not quite sure. my parents found her abandoned in a cardboard box in an unbuilt part of their subdivision when she was really really tiny.

Olivia said...

Hi Tricia! This is Olivia, from 2006's homestay thing, remember?

I suddenly though of you today and I immediately google shnozberry patch but I couldn't find it ( seems like you have taken the blog down?). But I managed to find you in the end :D

Well, I just wanted to say hi and I hope all is well with you and your lovely family.

Much love,


Tricia said...

Olivia!! Of course I remember you. We enjoyed your visit so much.
Schnozberry patch is still up, although I don't post as much since I use facebook. (are you on it?)

we are all doing well, we moved to texas and really love it. thanks for saying hi!!