09 October 2008

some semblance of normality

After having no power the first week of our Texas adventure (thank you Hurricane Ike!) and then only getting a fridge five days ago (soooo sick of any sort of restaurant) and just getting internet today (I've been dying!) it's been eventful to say the least.

Good news: Our delayed arrival of two days helped since by the time we got here, fuel was back to normal, as opposed to super expensive, super long waits. (up to two hours at one point!) And we actually bought gas for $2.98/gallon the other day! Can you believe it?! And our house is super-freakin' awesome. And the weather is a lovely 80 degrees and sunny... in October!

Bad news: Dug has been working on the East coast practically the entire time. We arrived at 10pm or so Tuesday night and he had to catch of plane at 6 am the next morning. Of the fifteen days we've been here, Dug has enjoyed three days with his family, only two of which were actual non-working days. The lovely folks in Philly and Boston have seen their share though. (Repeat to self: It's only a season...It's only a season...) After he comes home this weekend, he's off for one more week with those Philadelphians and then back to Oregon to make last touches on our rental and then finally...as far as I know at this moment, he's back home for an extended stay. And four words: cockroaches and fire ants! 'Nuff said. (sorry about the whining there.)

I have some more big news to share but it's late and I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed. I had so much internet-y stuff to do today: online banking, etc. and i only spent a few hours on vital necessities. Even though I wanted to soak up all the info I've been dying to find out, I fed my kids some home-cooked enchiladas and continued the unpacking process.(it never ends, does it?) Aren't you proud of me?

Pictures will be a part of this blog again as soon as I can find some free moments. They're sorta hard to come by. Have any you can loan me?


mej said...

I'm soooooo glad you're back in blogger action. I've been checking EVERYDAY! -heart-

JacksonFamHappenings said...

I am happy to hear you have arrived safely!!! Can't wait to see pics! I am doing ok-if you haven't heard Rob deployed last week...so I completely understand the hubby absence it stinks! Anyways enought of the depressed talk! I can not wait to see pictures!!!!!!!

tricia said...

i love you mej!

oh liz, i was talking to aunt bev and i told her i would never complain about dug's absence in front of you. kinda forgot that you read the ol' blog. darn it. if it's pics you want, it's pics you'll get.