20 July 2008

Dug and Tricia vs The World, part 9 - Justice: Texas-style

Our road trip to Texas was a fact-finding mission, a reconnaissance if you will, for moving to the area. We stayed with the illustrious Hibbard family and while the kids attended VBS (in the morning and the evening) we would use the time to scope out houses. Our main plan of attack was to drive into an area that looked decent and look for "For Sale" signs. (Very scientific, I know.)

One evening we were driving along one of the highways and in between two driveways was a "For Sale" sign. These driveways were the type that went back pretty far into a forested area so there was no way to tell which driveway the sign went to. It was a little closer to one than the other so we tried that one first.

Right away "No Trespassing" signs started popping up. We hemmed and hawed about whether we should keep going. Our friend put it this way: A "For Sale" sign negates a "No Trespassing" sign. I mean, how can someone sell their house if the buyers can't at least take a peak? So we cautiously continued on. We were about 100 feet in by this point and up ahead a little sign had been pounded into the ground. Pulling up to it, this is what we saw (click for a larger version):

Yeah. For real. Sorry buddy, "I Will Shoot You" trumps a "For Sale" sign any day. If this was in Western Oregon, I might think it was a joke. But Texas? No. Not taking any chances in Texas.


JacksonFamHappenings said...

I think I just peed I laughed so hard reading this!

tricia said...

ummm...sorry? :)

Jj said...

Yeah - I think I would have turned around, too!! Whoa!